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So I removed Lunar Linux on my Lenovo laptop yesterday, because of some build problems. I had spent the whole weekend configuring the laptop and everything went fine, until I messed up some user rights issue, and after a reboot, couldn't login again. So I loaded FreeBSD on it yesterday, and most of the things are workin fine. One thing I am planning to get configured is the wireless, and then my laptop is perfect. I also have a large partition for lunar, which I am gonna install over the coming weekend!
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Got a brand new Lenovo laptop for a bargain price from a friend of mine this evening. Have been installing lunar Linux on it, since an hour or so. So far, so good! Building theedge right now! :D
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Been trying to find a bug in my program since last weekend, and still unsuccessful! :( But I guess it might be a feature after all! May be the method I am using is not the best one to treat my model. Will see how that works out in the coming few days!
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